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Math/Science/Technology Academy






Hamilton’s Math/Science/Technology Academy (the Academy) is designed to help children develop a greater understanding of the concepts they are learning through hands on experimentation and to develop a strong sense of inquiry. The backbone of the Academy is a series of weekly science, math, and computer labs.

The Academy is structured as follows:

Grades K-3: The focus is to build strong language arts and math skills and knowledge. Science and social studies are integrated throughout the curriculum. All students in these grades receive 40 minutes of Computer Lab once a week. Hands on science experiments are conducted in the classroom regularly throughout the year.

Grades 4-5: Studies build upon the skills learned in K-3 to explore topics in more depth. At each grade level, several teachers team teach with each specializing in several of the four main subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Writing is infused throughout the curriculum. All students participate in hands on labs each week that bring their classwork to life:

Science Lab

The Science Lab provides hand

periodic table
s on experiments related to that week’s curriculum. Students are guided in the development of problem solving and scientific thinking skills as they apply the scientific method to both prepared experiments and those of their own creation.


Math Lab

The weekly Math Lab provides hands-on reinforcement of math concepts taught earlier in the week. Students “play” with numbers and mathematical concepts using manipulatives and games in order to better understand these concepts and the importance of math applications to “real world” situations.

Computer Lab

Hamilton’s fully-equipped, state-of-the-art Computer Lab is staffed by a full-time, credentialed teacher and funded through the combined support of the Hamilton Annual Fund. Instruction integrates technology with grade level curriculum and standards.

In the Computer Lab students learn:
Technical Skills – such as how to operate a computer and use various software packages for report, analysis, and presentation purposes;
Research Skills; and
Computer programming 
Students also have the opportunity to apply these skills towards projects they are working on in their homeroom classes.
Grades K-2: All students participate in a weekly, 40 minute Computer Lab.
Grades 3-5: All students participate in one 60 minute computer lab session per week.

Annual Hamilton Science Fair

The Academy culminates each spring with the Hamilton Science Fair where students put into practice the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout the school year. Students participate in the scientific process, asking questions and testing hypotheses.

Students grades 4-5 are required to each prepare their own project for participation, outside of class time and with parental guidance.

Science Fair

Students grades K-3 prepare a class science project;  interested students may also submit their own individual project.


Implementation of the Math/Science/Technology Academy program began in the fall of 2006.