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Student Awards

LEADER of the Month


Blue Slips aka Bucket Fillers
Hamilton has instituted a campaign to promote positive, character-building behaviors: in a school-wide assembly, children are introduced to the idea of self-esteem as a “bucket” that each of us carries. Positive interactions with our peers can fill the bucket and make us feel good about ourselves, but in the same way that a tiny hole can drain even a large container, just one negative interaction can quickly empty the bucket. Students are encouraged to consider this metaphor in their relationships with each other, filling one another’s buckets through inclusive, kind, caring behavior, rather than draining them by being negative or unkind. To promote “bucket filling” behavior, teachers, administrators, and staff hand out Blue Slips, aka Bucket Awards, to students in grades 1-5 who are “caught being good” around campus and/or in the classroom. Teachers collect tickets acquired during the week.  At Friday Morning Assemblies, tickets for all classes are combined into one box, approximately 15 tickets are drawn, and those students receive a special prize.

LEADER of the Month
Each month, teachers of grades K-5 nominate several students to receive the “Student of the Month” award that is presented at the Monthly Awards Assembly generally held the first Friday Morning Assembly of each month (for the previous month - see calendar for specific dates).  Recipients receive a special certificate and prize. Teachers will generally notify parents in advance if their child is going to be a Student of the Month. 
Honor Roll Awards are presented at the end of the year to students in grades 3-5 who have demonstrated excellence in academics and/or citizenship.  Recipients are announced at the Honor Roll Awards Assembly.