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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

For the safety of our children, please follow the procedures and rules below when dropping off and picking up your child(ren) from school.


General Info:

  • Students are expected to be in their classrooms and ready to learn by the time school starts at 8:45am. Parents should plan to have their children at school no later than 8:40am.
  • Morning supervision begins at 8:00am in the cafeteria and students can be dropped off starting at that time (see Before School Care section).
  • Please note that drop off and pick up traffic flows clockwise around the school.

How it works:

  • Kindergarten: Kindergartners can be dropped off at the Kindergarten gate (or the cafeteria after signing them in and if arriving before 8:25 am) each day by a parent/guardian/designated adult. Kindergarten teachers will be at the gate at 8:25. Parents must wait with the Kindergartners until the gate opens at 8:25.
  • Grades 1-5: Parents may either:

a) Walk their child(ren) to the Kinder gate; or
b) Drive through the Drop Off Line and drop their child(ren) at the Drop Off Line Zone (see map).

When the first bell rings at 8:40 am, students will line up under the solar panels and are then walked to class by their teacher when the second bell rings at 8:45 am. 


Hamilton Elementary School Map


Drop Off Line Procedures:
Please enter the drop off line only from Craig Street onto Rose Villa as shown on the map.  A teacher will be available for passenger unloading in this half-block area from approximately 8:25 am until 8:45 am.

  • Enter the designated drop-off lane and proceed forward slowly.
  • Continue forward slowly until reaching the safety “Drop Off Zone"  before stopping to let students out.  Please pull all the way to the front of the “Drop Off Zone,” even if there is no one behind you.
  • Make sure the passenger door is unlocked and if needed, give the aides or volunteers who are working as valets a sign that it is okay for them to open your vehicle door.
  • Follow the hand signals and instructions of those working the Drop Off Line.


General Info:

  • Students are released from school at 3:10pm (1:30pm on Mondays) through the Kindergarten Gate on Rose Villa only (see map).  This gate is teacher monitored to ensure safety.
  • No student will be released without a parent or designated guardian present.  For children wishing to walk home, parents must make arrangements with their child’s teacher and student must be of an appropriate age and maturity to walk home independently.

How it works:

  • Kindergarten: Kindergartners must be picked up from the front lawn by a parent/guardian/designated adult.  They may also be released to an older sibling attending the school to proceed to the Pick-Up Line if arrangements have been made with the school in advance.
  • Grades 1-5: Parents may either:

a) Meet their child on foot outside the Kindergarten Gate; or
b) Remain in their vehicles and participate in the vehicle Pick-Up Line.

Pick-Up Line Procedures:

  • Pull into the Pick-Up Line zone which starts at the Kindergarten Gate on Rose Villa and winds around the corner along the west side of Craig (see map).
  • Remain in your vehicle and follow the line as it moves forward.
  • As you approach the Kindergarten Gate on Rose Villa, a Hamilton staff member will ask for your child’s name.  They will call your child’s name and release him/her from the Kindergarten Gate to your vehicle.
  • Once your child is safely in your vehicle in his/her booster seat (if applicable) with his/her seatbelt fastened, please exit the Pick-Up Line to make room for more cars.
  • If the Pick-Up Line is full, please drive around the block rather than blocking street traffic.  Vehicles that double park or stop in the middle of the street will be ticketed.

Important Safety Rules & Reminders:
It is important to be safe and courteous when driving or parking near the school and to obey all traffic and parking laws.  Please be aware that the Sheriff’s Department tickets frequently for moving and parking violations around the school.

  • Do not park in the drop off/pick up line (on Craig or Rose Villa) as shown on the map.
  • Do not double-park in order to drop off or pick up your child.
  • Do not allow your child to exit through the door on the side of on-coming traffic.
  • Do not perform U-turns in front of the school.
  • Use cross walks to keep yourself and your child safe as you cross the street.
  • Entry to the school in the morning will only be through the Kindergarten gate.
  • Do not use a cell phone with hands as per California state law.
  • Drop offs are not allowed in red zones.
  • Please avoid parking along the east side of San Marino Avenue between Del Mar and Rose Villa as this area is unofficially designated as teacher parking.
  • Be aware there is no parking on Oakdale (one block south of the school) between San Marino and Oak on Thursday mornings 7-11am for street cleaning.

Note that these procedures may be modified as needed in our ongoing efforts to ensure student safety.