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Volunteering at Hamilton


The PTA coordinates volunteers on campus both in the classroom and around school, as well as at various fundraising and social events. To volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher or the PTA at

There are so many events, activities and necessary functions that occur at Hamilton throughout the school year. All of them need people to plan, coordinate and staff them. Some of the activities require small but long term commitments. Others are one day, single shift opportunities. There are different ways to contribute that will best meet the needs of every family. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Being at school and donating your time
  • Virtual Volunteering (contributing your time and talents outside school hours)
  • Chairing or Co-Chairing committees
  • Donating food or drinks to classroom and PTA events throughout the year
  • Donating resources to the class, library or school
  • Providing your expertise in a certain area
  • Providing financial contributions
  • Many others—your ideas are welcome and encouraged!

We find that if everyone is able to do a little, no one has to do a lot! Read some of our volunteer descriptions.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities will be announced as needed. Please check the website home page, Hamilton Happenings, your child's classroom Shutterfly page and school emails for current events that may need volunteers. 

Important Notice

We ask that all volunteers LOG THE NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED at/for the school after each activity. Documented hours help the school evaluate programs and may even help with future funding. You can fill out the volunteer log in the Main Office or you can log them online:

Volunteer Log