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Birthday Book Club

Staff handing out books

To honor your child’s birthday you may wish to purchase a book for the Hamilton Library. Choices can be made from the librarian’s list of pre-purchased, library quality books with special binding. A special label stating that this book was donated in honor of your child’s birthday will be affixed to the book’s inside cover and your child will have the opportunity to be the first one to check that book out of the library. Birthday Book presentations are made each Friday morning at the Weekly School Assembly. If your child’s birthday falls in the summer, you may want to participate in May or June.



To participate, please visit the library, speak with the librarian to choose which prepurchased library quality book you wish to purchase from her list, and submit your donation for the appropriate amount ($10, $15, or $20 – cash or check made payable to “Hamilton PTA”) to the librarian.

The librarian will send a note home the month prior to your child’s birthday explaining this opportunity which is also available here: Birthday Book Club Form.

Birthday Book Club Form

Summer Birthdays: July/August birthdays are c3lebrated at the beginning of the school year.